5 Best Tools to Monitor Backlinks in 2018

Backlinks are the pillar of successful SEO. Internet marketing course in Delhi focuses mainly on backlinks as part of their SEO approach. Monitoring backlinks also have a crucial role in outreach campaigns. Certainly, good quality backlinks enhance your authenticity whereas bad quality backlinks, spoil your online reputation. Hence, keeping an eye on your backlinks is an essential part of the SEO strategy.

Here we’ve come up with the top 5 tools that help in monitoring the backlinks

  1. Ahrefs

Best institute for digital marketing considers it as the most appropriate tool due to its biggest directory of live backlinks.


  • The free version offers a complete analysis of competitors site
  • The paid version offers complete information
  • Anchor text analysis lets you see the number of anchor text
  1. Majestic SEO

It is a most liked SEO tool among best digital marketing training in Delhi institutes who train people to build their own sites and their clients.


  • The tool itself checks for backlinks instead of using any third party information.
  • Backlink history checker tool helps to find out the figure of backlinks for your domain.
  • Compare up to 5 URLs to verify the of backlink in comparison to each other
  1. SEO Power Suite

It is the more comprehensive SEO tool than any other backlink checking SEO tool.


  • Verify all the links to the site.
  • The spyglass tool verifies 50 or more factors of backlink to evaluate the performance of the links
  • Create customized reports
  1. Linkody

Considered as strong link management service


  • Instant notification when you lose or gain a link
  • Provides complete analysis and metrics to comprehend your complete profile
  • Helps to understand link building strategy of the competitors
  1. Kerboo

Kerboo obtains information from the various sources to display you the whole view of your link profile.


  • Observe your link profile frequently
  • Instant notification regarding the change in the account
  • Create a disavow file

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